Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hollister April 2009

We went on our 2nd Annual trip to Hollister April 6-9. Eric, Kate and little Kylie Nuttal went with us and tried riding dirtbikes for their first time. It drizzled some and even hailed for a half hour on day 2 and some of our favorite trails were closed. But finally all of the teasing I endured over the years for insisting we take the rain ponchos on all the camping trips paid off. (Even though no one wanted to be seen wearing one after all). It kept me dry and I actually kept riding even through the hail storm. Days 3 thru 5 we rode every one of our favorite trails and added four new black diamond (very difficult) to our achievements. Trent and mom were very brave to attempt and succeed at the trails Okie, Granite, Lizzard and mom even did Rancho too. (one that even the experienced guys are constantly piling up in crashes on). I did take a fall on that one but was able to pick up the bike and finish. The conditions were phenomenol with the moisture keeping the dust down and as always in April the hillsides were beautifully green and it was a gorgeous ride everywhere. Kate and Eric conquered Harmony their first green trail. However, when Eric tried Okie on the 250 2 stroke, he got his first road rash and it was a big one on his side, ouch. It didn't stop him though especially since after the crash, Steve actually told him how that bike's hand and foot brakes worked. He did great after that. And then Kate and Eric attacked the whole hillside with us. Tyler was always riding and loved the trail riding more this time but did spend time on the motocross tracks where he did take a bad spill. That couldn't keep him from riding so he just took advil so his body would keep moving as fast as his brain wanted to go. Natalie kept up with Steve and loved following him most everywhere and Nicole and Trent loved the new 150 we just got. Steve and Eric cooked up some great meals and Eric and Kate showed us their specialty shmore with peanut butter. mmmmm. The scariest thing for me was on the very first day when Tyler took my bike out and had to walk it back for miles because the engine seized. NO OIL. The kick start and the tire would not move they were frozen stuck. Other bikes take the oil mixed in with the gas but mine (newer to us) we hadn't realized had a separate place to put oil. I was so bummed. The mechanic in town told us it would cost $1000-$1600 to get it working again. There was no chance it would work for our trip. But Trent said a prayer, (and i said quite a few too), and Steve had a dream about how to fix it and amazingly, YES! the next day Steve was able to get it working. Thank you Heavenly Father! And thank you Trent for your faith too!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Train Ride to Colorado

Natalie, Nicole and Merrily took an Amtrak train to Colorado to visit with Keir and Lindsay for Lindsay's and Alli's birthday. Tiffany and Don were there too. The train ride was 26 hours long and Natalie says she is not taking the train next time! I liked it, the lounge with panoramic views and sleeping & reading whenever was nice. Before we arrived it was 78 degrees now it is snowing and feels like Christmas.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas 2008

Christmas was fun. (I am just practicing how to do this blog stuff)